The Anthem Challenge #2

The challenge: to post ten anthems, songs that I love and played a major part in my life.

This next song I’ve picked because more than anything, it reminds me of the time I spent living with my two university flatmates, Kate & Kate.

The Kates were best friends, having instantaneously hit it off the moment they met in our first year. I didn’t even like them to start with, nor they me. Suffice to say, something changed because by the second year, when students make their own choices about where to live, we were sharing a house.

This second anthem reminds me of our nights out together. Those nights followed a set pattern: a few ‘cheeky’ vodka and cokes at our home whilst we got ready and danced around to 80s music, then on to the student union club night. Later, one of the girls would be locked in a toilet cubicle vomiting, whilst the other two of us scaled the heights of the adjoining lavatories in order to peer over the top and check she was ok.

This would generally be followed by the girls having an argument, one would storm off, we’d find each other again, go to ‘Balti King‘ for a curry and then walk home in the early hours. It was almost identical every weekend. It isn’t as bad as it sounds!

The anthem I have chosen is a song that we danced to without fail every time we went out. We even went so far as to have our very own, very literal, dance routine for it. Get together in a circle and repeat after me: “Tonight for the first time [hold one finger up] at just about half past ten [tap your watch] for the first time [ one finger] in history it’s gonna start raining men [hands movements to indicate rain]…hallelujah [hands together in prayer]…”. You get the drift….

I can’t say the title of the song reflected our lives then, we were in more of a drought situation. Having said that, these days, I’m lucky if there’s light precipitation. Kate & Kate are both married now and I’m pleased to say that we  are still friends and our little dance troupe was reformed at both their wedding receptions to perform this song!


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