She’ll be here in a jiffy, or maybe half as long as that,

a shake, a second, a twinkling, it’ll be in nothing flat.

My patience in this juncture is growing increasingly thin,

a flash, a crack, an instant, she better be here in a min.

Time is ticking in this moment, the clock is moving on,

I have no time for this waiting, hurry up because I’m done!

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imageIt is a cold, wet Saturday afternoon and I am sat at home in my living room, watching the park life from my window.

The floodlights are illuminating the sports area and three boys, or maybe they are men, I can’t tell from this distance, are kicking footballs in the courts.

One is playing alone , challenging himself to kick the ball higher or land a shot in the centre of the goal area. The other two are taking turns at being ‘goalie’ and attempting to score.

Nearby two ladies with a pram are walking through the park and several dogs and their owners are congregating for their daily meet-up.

Now I can hear the sound of a police siren in the distance but this is common where I live, so I am not disturbed. With the siren gone, in the distance and carried over the air I can hear chanting from the football stadium which is several miles away. I wonder if we are winning? I think we are playing against Southampton today.

Back in the park, the guy who has been playing by himself is sat down, leaning against the fence. Now he is getting up now and leaving.

I stop typing.






Write Here, Write Now

A Series of Unfortunate Events….

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ready for Your Close-up.”

In this exciting production there will be tears and laughter and the even more tears. Starring:

Me – Bridget Jones

My Welsh Dad -Spike from Notting Hill

My Mum – Mrs Bennett from Pride & Prejudice

Sister No1 – The IT Guy from The Office (with a blonde wig on)

Sister No2 – Zelda from the Terrahawks

My Brother – Benji from Sunset Beach

Ex 1 – The one who thought he was a cross between Liam Gallagher/Richard Ashcroft/Ian Brown – Naboo from The Mighty Boosh 

Ex 2 – Vince Vaughn

Ex 3 will be cut from the film!

Ex 4 – Jason Bateman with his head shaved

The Butterfly Effect

My own butterfly effect

It was a hot summer evening: the build up of electrical energy in the skies over the preceding few days meant that tonight, whilst it was boiling hot, there was torrential rain and thunder and lightning. It was pitch black outside.

The heat was too much for me. One of the benefits of living alone was that I could spend the evening dressed in no more than my underwear and no one would know! Continue reading “The Butterfly Effect”

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